Be more productive by outsourcing your cutting, edgebanding and machining processes saving time with our online optimizations.

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Ways you can send your orders.

Faça orçamentos e envie para a produção

In a 3D environment, you can specify and build each module on your project, instantly get the online quote and send your order to production, directly from your phone or PC.

Faça orçamentos e envie para a produção
Parts list

Create your parts setting the size, edged sides and machining processes, from your phone or PC.

Faça orçamentos e envie para a produção
Tiras Full

Cut your boards to strips, apply edgeband and grooving or fillisters for back assembly. Cut them to size in your shop using your own machinery.

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Cortecloud's Videos

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User support

Take a look at our tutorials to create your projects and get answers for frequent questions.

Create account

To create your account on Cortecloud, click here and follow the instructions...

Associate to a shop

One of the most important steps in Cortecloud is to associate your account to a shop, so you can generate quotes...

Create an order with the parts list feature

After sending the association request, you can create your first order, before the shop accepts your request...