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With the setrips feature, you can speed up your production process like cutting, edgebanding and machining (grooving and fillisters), getting the strips ready to cut to size in your own shop.

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Easy to use

With strips, the whole workflow is way more simple.

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Just inform the width

Define the width of the strips where your final cutting is going to be made.

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Select where to apply edgeband

Define where the edgeband is going to be applied.

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Define back machining

Select the back type as you need in your project.

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Online quotes

Get the online quote for your strips' services from your PC or smartphone.

Speed up assembly and shipping

See how the strips can help you in your daily routine at your shop.

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  • Easy to handle

    With strips you can work solo in your shop, without having to handle the entire board by yourself, which can be complicated and way too heavy

  • Use your machines

    Finish the cutting to the size you need, using your shop's machinery, to speed up your project's delivery time.

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Support for the user

Take a look at our tutorials to create your projects and get answers for frequent questions.

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